WebAudio: Add IIRFilterNode

Add a new node, IIRFilterNode, that implements a general IIR filter. The coefficients are fixed at creation and not changeable with no automation functions allowed.


The general idea of an IIRFilterNode has been agreed upon in the W3C WebAudio WG. The exact specification of the node is being reviewed. Implementation will, of course, match the final specification.



Editor's draft

Status in Chromium


Enabled by default (launch bug) in:

  • Chrome for desktop release 49
  • Chrome for Android release 49
  • Chrome for iOS release 49
  • Android WebView release 49
  • Opera release 36
  • Opera for Android release 36

Consensus & Standardization

  • No public signals
  • No public signals
  • No public signals
  • Positive


Last updated on 2017-06-14