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CSS3 Text Decorations

CSS3 Text Decoration specification provides new properties that implements new text decoration styling features such as lines, color and style. As the specification says: "CSS Levels 1 and 2 only defined very basic line decorations (underlines, overlines, and strike-throughs) appropriate to Western typographical traditions. Level 3 of this module adds the ability to change the color, style, position, [...]" This Chromestatus entry consists of the


Safari ships a prefixed version. For Edge, requested on Uservoice. This status entry applies to the line decorations subsection of the specification. Text-underline-position left, right and multiple value support is currently work in progress.



Working draft or equivalent

Status in Chromium

Enabled by default (launch bug) in:

  • Chrome for desktop release 57
  • Chrome for Android release 57
  • Chrome for iOS release 57
  • Android WebView release 57
  • Opera release 44
  • Opera for Android release 44

Consensus & Standardization


Last updated on 2016-11-21