Screen Enumeration

Exposes a list of the displays connected to the user's computer and a set of properties for each display. A display usually has a 1:1 correspondence with a physical or virtual monitor.

Since it is common to use more than one monitor, it is important to give Web developers the tools to make their applications perform well across multiple displays that may have differing properties. This API provides the foundation for other new APIs like the Window Placement API ( - expect a follow-up I2I for this soon), which would enable many powerful multi-display windowing behaviors. Use cases that these 2 APIs would enable include: * Slide show presentation: Opening the presentation, speaker notes, and presenter controls on the most appropriate monitor for each window. * Finance applications with multiple dashboards: Starting the app (re-)opens all the dashboards across multiple monitors. Currently, the only way for Web developers to get display properties for all connected displays is via the Chrome Apps API.


Status in Chromium


Behind a flag (tracking bug) in:

  • Chrome for desktop release 78
  • Chrome for Android release 78

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Last updated on 2019-09-12