FLAC codec support for <audio> and WebAudio.

Enables support for the FLAC audio codec within the FLAC and Ogg containers for the HTML5 <audio> tag and WebAudio's decodeAudioData() API.


Chrome for Android and WebView have on-again, off-again supported the FLAC codec only in the FLAC container with <audio> for a constrained set of configurations since Android 3.1 [1]. As of M56, all configurations of FLAC are supported on Android Chrome and WebView. Note: FLAC is not yet supported through Media Source Extensions (MSE) [2]. [1] https://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/media-formats.html [2] See http://crbug.com/666000.




De-facto standard

Status in Chromium

Enabled by default (launch bug) in:

  • Chrome for desktop release 56
  • Chrome for Android release 56
  • Android WebView release 56

Consensus & Standardization


Last updated on 2016-12-13