PointerLock unadjustedMovement

Adds the ability to request unadjusted and unaccelerated mouse movement data when in PointerLock. If this unadjustedMovement is set to true, then the pointer movements will not be affected by the underlying platform modifications such as mouse acceleration.

The accelerated movement is that pointer speed increasing quadratically based on the physical speed of the touchpad/mouse movement. For example moving the touchpad/mouse 3x faster could result in the pointer on the screen moving 9x more than if moved at a slower speed. Accelerated movement is the default behavior in the major operating systems. However, for some games, it’s important to disable mouse acceleration to achieve a better gaming experience (1, 2). It’s a common option for native gaming app but not available in web gaming yet.


Currently only available on Windows.



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Origin trial (tracking bug) in:

  • Chrome for desktop release 81

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Last updated on 2020-02-18