Raw Clipboard Access

Raw Clipboard Access provides a low-level API to allow interoperability between web and native application clipboards, by implementing copying and pasting of data with any arbitrary Clipboard type, without encoding and decoding.


Without Raw Clipboard Access: - Google Docs requires an extension in order to copy and paste content interoperable with Microsoft Office. - Some native applications may reverse-engineer Webkit and Blink's pickling/custom clipboard formats (ex. "org.chromium.web-custom-data") to interoperate with the web, without requiring any permissions protections. - Web applications are generally limited to a small subset of formats, and are unable to interoperate with the long tail of formats. For example, Figma and Photopea are unable to interoperate with most image formats.



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Status in Chromium


In developer trial (Behind a flag) (tracking bug) in:

  • Chrome for desktop release 84
  • Chrome for Android release 84
  • Android WebView release 84

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