This is a spec-compliant version of RTCPeerConnection.getStats returning a promise resolved with RTCStatsReport, a maplike containing RTCStats dictionaries. Stats are being implemented according to the spec in a continuous effort for coverage to become good enough that the old getStats method can be deprecated. The old getStats (taking a callback as argument) is very different from the spec and riddled with goog-prefixed things. It's anticipated to be out from behind the flag in 58.


While the feature has been behind a flag since M55, that version covered very few stats. The stats have continuously been added to getStats. A good number of stats are ready for M57, but not a complete coverage.



Editor's draft

Status in Chromium


Behind a flag (tracking bug) in:

  • Chrome for desktop release 55
  • Chrome for Android release 55
  • Chrome for iOS release 55
  • Android WebView release 55

Consensus & Standardization

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  • Positive


Last updated on 2017-06-14