Adds support for <link rel="preconnect" href="..."> (and the equivalent HTTP link header) as a hint that the browser should predictively open a connection to the supplied server/protocol for resources that will be needed later in the loading process.



Editor's draft

Status in Chromium


Enabled by default (tracking bug) in:

  • Chrome for desktop release 46
  • Chrome for Android release 46
  • Chrome for iOS release 46
  • Android WebView release 46

Consensus & Standardization

After a feature ships in Chrome, the values listed here are not guaranteed to be up to date.



There is some leeway on the actual preconnect and it is treated as a hint. In particular, the number of connections is left to the browser to decide. In cases where Chrome already has predictor information we may choose to ignore the preconnect hint entirely and use the historical knowledge we have from the predictor.

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Last updated on 2020-11-09