Web Bluetooth BluetoothDevice.watchAdvertisements()

The BluetoothDevice.watchAdvertisements() method will enable web apps to receive events when the system receives an advertisement packet from a watched device.


This API will allow web apps to detect whether a device is unresponsive because it has gone out of range by listening for advertisement packets from the device. Without this API, operations on the Bluetooth device would hang until the device was timed out on the system, causing a 'gattserverdisconnected' event to be fired. With persistent permissions for Web Bluetooth, watchAdvertisements() will enable web apps to check if a permitted device is in range of the system before attempting to connect to the device.




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  • Chrome for desktop release 85
  • Chrome for Android release 85

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Note: watchAdvertisements() is not supported in Linux due to limitations of BlueZ. Developer Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RF4D-60cQJWR1LoQeLBxxigrxJwYS8nLOE0qWmBF1eo

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