-webkit-appearance keywords for arbitrary elements

Changes -webkit-appearance keywords to work only with specific element types. If a keyword is applied to a non-supported element, the element has the default appearance.

Some of keywords already have such behavior. We should expand it to all keywords for consistency and to reduce implementation complexity.


Full list of keyword => supported elements "checkbox", input[type=checkbox] "radio", input[type=radio] "push-button", input[type=button/reset/submit] "square-button", input[type=color] "button", elements other than <select> and <a> "inner-spin-button", ::-webkit-inner-spin-button "listbox", listbox <select> "menulist", menulist <select>, input[type=color/date/datetime-local/month/time/week] "menulist-button", Ditto. "meter", meter "progress-bar", progress "slider-horizontal", input[type=range] "slider-vertical", input[type=range] "sliderthumb-horizontal", ::webkit-slider-thumb, ::-webkit-media-slider-thumb "sliderthumb-vertical", Ditto. "searchfield", input[type=search] "searchfield-cancel-button", ::-webkit-clear-button, ::-webkit-search-cancel-button "textfield", input[type=search], input[type=email/number/password/tel/text/url/date/datetime-local/month/time/week] "textarea", textarea


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Last updated on 2019-07-16