When spec-complaint SDP format "Unified Plan" is used, RTCRtpTransceiver describes each sender-receiver pair that is added to the RTCPeerConnection. This represents the components used to send and receive media. Exposing the transceiver gives the application the ability to receive media early and provides more control over the generated SDP. APIs that are shipping include RTCRtpTransceiver, RTCPeerConnection.addTransceiver() and RTCPeerConnection.getTransceivers().


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  • Chrome for Android release 69
  • Android WebView release 69

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This is only available in Unified Plan, which is not the default mode of operations of an RTCPeerConnection in M69. To enable it, construct the peer connection with the sdpSemantics:'unified-plan' configuration. Example: new RTCPeerConnection({sdpSemantics:'unified-plan'}).

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