Support ARIA Annotation roles in Automation API, ChromeVox screen reader

Support the new markup in the ARIA annotations editor’s draft (5 new roles): annotation-attribution, annotation-commentary, annotation-presence, annotation-revision, annotation-suggestion. The new roles will be reflected in the ChromeOS Automation API, and a UX will be developed for them in ChromeVox. The rest of the draft spec does not require additional core implementation as it simply reuses existing markup that is already implemented in browsers.

To support screen reader accessibility of comments, suggestions and other annotations in published documents and online word processing scenarios such as Google Docs, iCloud Pages, and MS Office Online. This is not currently possible without resorting to live region hacks, which are not as reliable as semantics and do not work well with Braille displays. As a result, screen reader users have non-optimal support for collaboration features of online word processors.




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Last updated on 2019-10-09