Chrome Platform Status - Features Typed OM2018-03-18T16:31:21ZChrome Platform,2018-03-18:/feature/5682491075592192/The new CSSOM provides typed style access for developers. This will generally improve performance primarily by removing the need to do lots of string parsing. In addition to this, it will enable performant development of various new Houdini specifications (including custom properties, layout and paint). Only a subset of CSS properties are supported for now: conic-gradient2018-03-13T15:48:41ZChrome Platform,2018-03-13:/feature/5706155347148800/Add support for CSS conic (a.k.a. angular/sweep) gradients. Conic gradient color stops are angle-positioned and define an (angular) gradient transition between rays.Intent to Deprecate & Remove: Change how New Formatting Contexts sized and positioned off a shape area. 2018-03-09T19:13:55ZChrome Platform,2018-03-09:/feature/5226946044624896/shape-outside allows web developers to wrap text around a floats with a non-rectangular area. In our implementation this also currently affects how new formatting contexts (FCs) are sized and positioned. We want to change how they are sized and positioned, similar to how floats are positioned (based off the bounding area instead).Remove: -webkit-box-flex-group, -webkit-box-lines, % values of -webkit-line-clamp2018-03-09T00:33:41ZChrome Platform,2018-03-09:/feature/5393405823680512/-webkit-box-flex-group - This property has virtually zero usage based on the UseCounter on stable. % values of -webkit-line-clamp - There is interest in finding a standards based solution to the number values usecase, but we haven’t seen demand for the %-based values. -webkit-box-lines - This property was never fully implemented. It was originally intended such that a “vertical”/”horizontal” -webkit-box can have multiple rows/columns.CSS Selectors 4 Pseudo-Class :matches()2018-02-28T18:19:09ZChrome Platform,2018-02-28:/feature/5445716612743168/The matches-any pseudo-class, :matches(), is a functional pseudo-class taking a selector list as its argument. It represents an element that is represented by its argument.CSS Selectors 4 Pseudo-Class :focus-visible2018-02-28T03:52:46ZChrome Platform,2018-02-28:/feature/5823526732824576/The :focus-visible pseudo-class applies while an element matches the :focus pseudo-class and the UA determines via heuristics that the focus should be made evident on the element. (Many browsers show a “focus ring” by default in this case.)JSON ⊂ ECMAScript2018-02-20T16:27:04ZChrome Platform,2018-02-20:/feature/6102319234023424/A Stage 3 proposal makes ECMAScript a syntactic superset of JSON by allowing line separator (U+2028) and paragraph separator (U+2029) in string literals.RTCRtpSender: dtmf attribute2018-02-19T07:40:27ZChrome Platform,2018-02-19:/feature/5404276117471232/This attribute allows access to the DTMF feature of a PeerConnection's audio track. It is a replacement for the now non-standard CreateDTMFSender function on a PeerConnection. StyleSheet |media|, CSSPageRule |style| IDL attribute should have [PutForwards]2018-02-12T06:16:19ZChrome Platform,2018-02-12:/feature/5216652148867072/StyleSheet |media| should have [PutForwards=mediaText] and CSSPageRule |style| should have [PutForwards=cssText] to match the specification. CSS Shapes Module Level 12018-02-07T02:41:26ZChrome Platform,2018-02-07:/feature/5163890719588352/CSS Shapes allows one to specify a geometric "shape-outside" for a float. Content will wrap around the float's shape-outside, instead of its rectangular boundary. The shape-outside property can be specified with a geometric primitive, like an ellipse or a polygon, or by the pixels of an image's alpha channel whose values are greater than shape-image-threshold. A shape-outside's boundary can be uniformly expanded with the shape-margin property. Make <tr> with transform be a containing block.2018-02-05T21:32:37ZChrome Platform,2018-02-05:/feature/5514792538210304/Elements with table-row, table-row-group, table-header-group, table-footer-group, table-cell, and table-caption that have a transform property should be containing blocks for fixed position elements. Blink currently does not make <tr>, <tbody>, <tfoot>, and <thead> be a containing block for fixed position elements, which we propose to change. Unprefix CSS Grid Layout gutter properties2018-02-05T17:26:39ZChrome Platform,2018-02-05:/feature/4986266210795520/Rename gutter properties to remove "grid-" prefix: * grid-gap => gap * grid-row-gap => row-gap * grid-column-gap => column-gap Note that column-gap already exists and is used by css-multicol. The parsing needs to be updated as now the default value is "normal". The old (prefixed) properties names will be kept working as aliases.CSS Selectors 4 Pseudo-Class :is()2018-02-05T03:36:10ZChrome Platform,2018-02-05:/feature/4600991135563776/The Specificity-adjustment pseudo-class, :is(), is a functional pseudo-class with the same syntax and functionality as :matches(). Unlike :matches(), neither the :is() pseudo-class, nor any of its arguments contribute to the specificity of the selector — its specificity is always zero.CSS: Support 'x' as a resolution unit2018-01-31T17:03:29ZChrome Platform,2018-01-31:/feature/5150549246738432/In, 'x' is defined as a synonym for dppx. Add support for parsing 'x' as dots per px.Constructable Stylesheets2018-01-31T10:31:59ZChrome Platform,2018-01-31:/feature/5394843094220800/Making CSSStyleSheet constructible from string, and making constructed CSSStyleSheets applicable to Document or ShadowRoot. A main motivation for this is to conserve duplicate memory for each instance of custom elements to be explicitly shared among them.