Chrome Platform Status - Features Support 'q' length unit2017-09-18T23:23:23ZChrome Platform,2017-09-18:/feature/5983903483428864/support 'q' absolute length unit. 1q is equivalent to 1/40th of 1cm.Remove WEBKIT_KEYFRAMES_RULE and WEBKIT_KEYFRAME_RULE2017-09-17T10:22:15ZChrome Platform,2017-09-17:/feature/5747368108490752/Remove non-standardize APIs from CSS Rule and Developer can use KEYFRAMES_RULE and KEYFRAME_RULE insteadCSS Selector Pseudo class :dir()2017-09-17T08:10:32ZChrome Platform,2017-09-17:/feature/5751531651465216/The :dir CSS pseudo-class matches elements based on the directionality of the text contained in it. Pseudo-class :dir() is not equivalent of using the [dir=…] attribute selector. The latter matches a value of the dir and doesn't match when no attribute is set, even if in that case the element inherits the value of its parent. On the other hand, :dir() will match the value calculated by the UA, being inherited or the auto value.CSS font-variant-east-asian2017-09-17T04:23:35ZChrome Platform,2017-09-17:/feature/4965040604053504/Add support for font-variant-numeric and respective mapping from the font: CSS shorthand and into the font-variant: shorthand.CSS position: sticky2017-09-12T18:05:20ZChrome Platform,2017-09-12:/feature/6190250464378880/position: sticky is a new way to position elements and is conceptually similar to position: fixed. The difference is that a stickily positioned element behaves like position: relative within its parent, until a given offset threshold is met.CSS Paint API2017-09-11T12:20:58ZChrome Platform,2017-09-11:/feature/5685444318593024/CSS Paint API defines a new callback which is designed to allow developers to write code which produces a CSS <image> during the paint phase of the rendering engine. inverted-colors media query2017-09-05T21:57:41ZChrome Platform,2017-09-05:/feature/5940010603773952/An indication that the user agent or underlying operating system has forcibly inverted all colors, not a request to do so. This is sometimes provided as a simple accessibility feature, allowing users to switch between light-on-dark and dark-on-light text.CSS scroll-boundary-behavior2017-09-05T18:08:26ZChrome Platform,2017-09-05:/feature/5734614437986304/CSS scroll-boundary-behavior allows developers to decide the browser's behavior once a scroller has reached its full extent. The unused delta can be propagated to the parent causing scroll chaining, create a glow/bounce effect without chaining, or just get consumed silently. This would be a standardization of "-ms-scroll-chaining" with some modification.Interoperable body/documentElement scroll behavior2017-08-30T15:26:45ZChrome Platform,2017-08-30:/feature/6386758136627200/Update Blink to match the CSSOM View spec’s behavior around element scrolling APIs for documentElement and body, i.e.: scrollTop, scrollLeft, scrollWidth, scrollHeight and Document.scrollingElementCSS backdrop-filter property2017-08-22T13:10:27ZChrome Platform,2017-08-22:/feature/5679432723333120/Add backdrop-filter css property, which allows filters to be applied to the content behind an element.Frames timing functions2017-08-19T07:21:11ZChrome Platform,2017-08-19:/feature/5189363944128512/Quoting the spec: "A frames timing function is a type of timing function that divides the input time into a specified number of intervals of equal length, each of which is associated with an output progress value of increasing value. ... This makes it suitable, for example, for using in animation loops where the animation should display the first and last frame of the animation for an equal amount of time as each other frame during each loop." See the spec link for examples.Remove getMatchedCSSRules2017-08-17T04:30:50ZChrome Platform,2017-08-17:/feature/4606972603138048/getMatchedCSSRules is a webkit-only API to get a list of all the style rules applied to a particular element. It has been deprecated since 2014 so we should remove this API.CSS UI: caret-color property2017-08-16T10:45:52ZChrome Platform,2017-08-16:/feature/5720917787279360/This property allows coloring the insertion caret.Make /deep/ behave like the descendant combinator " "2017-08-16T09:00:13ZChrome Platform,2017-08-16:/feature/4964279606312960/Make /deep/ behave like the descendant combinator " "; effectively no-op. See "Intent to Remove" thead for more details:!topic/blink-dev/HX5Y8Ykr5NsImplement visibility:collapse for table rows and row-groups2017-08-15T00:31:25ZChrome Platform,2017-08-15:/feature/5684392546533376/visibility:collapse is supposed to hide table rows while preserving their contribution to column widths. Right now blink treats visibility:collapse as visibility:hidden, which merely skips painting the rows, leaving blank space in their place instead of allowing their space to be used for other content.