Chrome Platform Status - Features Key Hint2019-06-14T20:04:24ZChrome Platform,2019-06-14:/feature/5654529808793600/The enterkeyhint content attribute is an enumerated attribute that specifies what action label (or icon) to present for the enter key on virtual keyboards. This allows authors to customize the presentation of the enter key in order to make it more helpful for users.Stop action for Media Session2019-06-13T21:08:08ZChrome Platform,2019-06-13:/feature/6140125320839168/Adds a media session action handler for "stop". An action handler is an event tied specifically to common media function (e.g. pause, play). The "stop" action handler will be called when the site should stop the playback and clear the state if appropriate.Content Index API2019-06-13T17:10:55ZChrome Platform,2019-06-13:/feature/5658416729030656/The content index allows websites to register their offline enabled content in the browser. This allows the browser to improve their offline capabilities and offer content to users to browse through while offline. This data could also be used to improve on-device search and to augment browsing font size2019-06-13T15:39:41ZChrome Platform,2019-06-13:/feature/5675317559558144/Adds the xxx-large keyword, which specifies an absolute font size. This is a standards-based alternative to <font size="7"> and a replacement for vendor-prefixed keywords like -webkit-xxx-large. JavaScript Memory API2019-06-13T14:46:31ZChrome Platform,2019-06-13:/feature/5685965186138112/The feature adds a performance.measureMemory() function that estimates the total size of JavaScript objects that the calling context can access. Feature Policy control over document.domain2019-06-13T14:28:11ZChrome Platform,2019-06-13:/feature/5341992867332096/The document-domain policy governs access to document.domain. It is enabled by default, and, if disabled, attempting to set document.domain will throw an error.Text URL Fragments2019-06-13T14:23:55ZChrome Platform,2019-06-13:/feature/4733392803332096/This feature allows a user or author to link to a specific portion of a page, using a text snippet provided in the URL. When the page is loaded, it highlights the text and scrolls it into view. For example, the URL: [ islands, birds can contribute as much as 60% of a cat's diet] This loads the page for Cat, highlights the specified text, and scrolls directly to it.Service workers support basic HTTP authentication2019-06-13T14:17:54ZChrome Platform,2019-06-13:/feature/5682567464353792/Displays HTTP authentication dialog boxes even if the request was from a service worker. This is the native login dialog shown when an HTTP 401 response is received. Note: this requires the network service to be enabled, which is enabled by default on most platforms.@property2019-06-13T13:36:17ZChrome Platform,2019-06-13:/feature/5193698449031168/The @property rule is an alternative way to register a custom property, without JavaScript.CSS backdrop-filter property2019-06-13T06:59:45ZChrome Platform,2019-06-13:/feature/5679432723333120/The backdrop-filter CSS property applies one or more filters to the "backdrop" of an element. The "backdrop" basically means all of the painted content that lies behind the element. This allows designers to construct "frosted glass" dialog boxes, video overlays, translucent navigation headers, and more.Deprecation of GCM-based Web Push Subscriptions2019-06-11T17:18:17ZChrome Platform,2019-06-11:/feature/5573539073622016/Chrome introduced Web Push Notifications in M42, based on proprietary GCM authentication that requires people to create a Google Cloud Project ID. A year later, in M52, we improved this by launching support for VAPID, a mechanism that continues to striclty associate messages with a particular sender, but no longer relies on proprietary mechanisms for obtaining that identifier. We intent to only support VAPID going forward.Toast UI element2019-06-11T07:48:23ZChrome Platform,2019-06-11:/feature/5674896879255552/Introduces a standard, customizable toast notification HTML element, and a JavaScript API to provide easy use for common cases.Toggle switch control element2019-06-11T07:31:10ZChrome Platform,2019-06-11:/feature/6624580116414464/Introduces a new form control element representing a toggle switch. Serial API2019-06-10T14:57:25ZChrome Platform,2019-06-10:/feature/6577673212002304/Adds an API for communicating with hardware devices over a physical or virtual serial port.Background Fetch API2019-06-10T14:30:33ZChrome Platform,2019-06-10:/feature/5712608971718656/Background Fetch API provides a service worker based download and upload mechanism which is persistent across service worker and browser restarts. The system will provide a developer-controllable interface to schedule, query, pause, and cancel background downloads and uploads. After a scheduled fetch completes, the system will notify the developer of the outcome of the operation. In-progress fetches will be visible to users in a notification.